I am a Mars rock: a message to Earth people / Я – марсианский камень: послание землянам

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When I was driving the Mars rover, it encountered a rock that wanted to pass a message to us. So I downlinked it and translated it into English and Russian. Когда я управлял марсоходом, он наткнулся на камень, который хотел передать нам сообщение. Я передал его по каналу связи и перевел на английский и русский […]


Why I Still Think We Should Explore Space Despite All the Problems on Earth – Memento Mori

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The year 2021 was full of triumphs in humanity’s venture to space. The Mars Rover Perseverance (cost: $2.75B), which I have been proudly working on for seven years, landed on the red planet in February to search for the sign of ancient extraterrestrial life. To the relief of many anxious scientists and engineers who are […]

A bestseller science picture book, “Rocket Science for Babies,” translated to Japanese

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I translated a science picture book, “Rocket Science for Babies” from Chris Ferrie‘s Baby University series, which sold more than a million copies worldwide in total. The Japanese version will be published today. On top of translation, I had the honor of writing the preface and the commentary for the Japanese version, which are posted […]

[April Fool Joke] My book, “The Voyage,” will be a Movie!

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It is quite a pain when you have something you are eager to tell but need to keep quiet. Finally, it became public!! My book, “The Voyage: past, present, and future of space exploration” (original title: 宇宙に命はあるのか:人類が旅した一千億分の八) will become a movie! The book was published in Japan in this February and quite well received. 40K […]

Dr. Xuesen Qian (middle) and Dr. Theodore von Karman (right), two immigrants who founded NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratry

Immigrants in NASA: The American History of Giving Dreams a Chance

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I immigrated from Japan to the US to work for NASA and make my childhood dream come true. I don’t think I need to remind the readers that the two countries I love fought the most destructive war in the human history some seventy years ago, which claimed millions of lives. The American view of […]