Dr. Xuesen Qian (middle) and Dr. Theodore von Karman (right), two immigrants who founded NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratry

Immigrants in NASA: The American History of Giving Dreams a Chance

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I immigrated from Japan to the US to work for NASA and make my childhood dream come true. I don’t think I need to remind the readers that the two countries I love fought the most destructive war in the human history some seventy years ago, which claimed millions of lives. The American view of […]

The Ritual

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I think it was when Mi-chan was three or four months old. She and I started a “ritual” every evening. The ritual is called “Yuusuzu Mi-chan” – “Yuusuzumi” means going outdoors in the summer evening and enjoy the cool air after a hot day. For ten to twenty minutes between dinner and Mi-chan’s bath, I […]

[APRIL FOOL’S JOKE] ‘Babynauts’ to Fly in Space This November; My Daughter Got Selected!

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Today, on April 1, 2016, it was announced that my newborn daughter, Misaki, was selected as one of the first “babynauts” or infant astronauts, and will fly in space this November. Her mission will be a part of the Extraterrestrial Reproduction and Development Program (ERDP), which investigates if humans can be born and grow normally […]

Call Me Misaki

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We have known the name of the newborn princess since about five years ago. I do not remember when it was exactly. It was between the wedding and the honeymoon, so somewhere in March or April.  I was a PhD student at MIT, living in a messy three-bedroom apartment facing Charles River, shared with two […]