[April Fool Joke] My book, “The Voyage,” will be a Movie!

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It is quite a pain when you have something you are eager to tell but need to keep quiet. Finally, it became public!! My book, “The Voyage: past, present, and future of space exploration” (original title: 宇宙に命はあるのか:人類が旅した一千億分の八) will become a movie! The book was published in Japan in this February and quite well received. 40K […]

Dr. Xuesen Qian (middle) and Dr. Theodore von Karman (right), two immigrants who founded NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratry

Immigrants in NASA: The American History of Giving Dreams a Chance

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I immigrated from Japan to the US to work for NASA and make my childhood dream come true. I don’t think I need to remind the readers that the two countries I love fought the most destructive war in the human history some seventy years ago, which claimed millions of lives. The American view of […]

The Ritual

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I think it was when Mi-chan was three or four months old. She and I started a “ritual” every evening. The ritual is called “Yuusuzu Mi-chan” – “Yuusuzumi” means going outdoors in the summer evening and enjoy the cool air after a hot day. For ten to twenty minutes between dinner and Mi-chan’s bath, I […]

[APRIL FOOL’S JOKE] ‘Babynauts’ to Fly in Space This November; My Daughter Got Selected!

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Today, on April 1, 2016, it was announced that my newborn daughter, Mi-chan, was selected as one of the first “babynauts” or infant astronauts, and will fly in space this November. Her mission will be a part of the Extraterrestrial Reproduction and Development Program (ERDP), which investigates if humans can be born and grow normally […]

Call Me Misaki

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We have known the name of the newborn princess since about five years ago. I do not remember when it was exactly. It was between the wedding and the honeymoon, so somewhere in March or April.  I was a PhD student at MIT, living in a messy three-bedroom apartment facing Charles River, shared with two […]